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In order to provide the best support and service we must start by defining what parts are needed to build great support. We concluded that there are three important things that must be in place. The right behavior, right process and the right skills.

Organizations will gain a loyal customer and will increase their profit as a direct result of having a great support team behind the scenes. Marketing people teach us that is costs much more to acquire new customers versus to grow the business with existing ones. This has given rise to all kinds of loyalty programs and efforts to retain customers. This thinking does not seem to have reached the support industry even if the connection is right there before our very eyes. A professional support team is a key component needed to grow and to achieve this and therefore, we need all three parts, Behavior, Process and Skills.

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Xpeedio has signed an agreement with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
The agreement runs for 24 months and can then be extended to 12 or maximum 24 months at a time. Maximum contract period is four years.

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Xpeedio has the privilege of assisting many successful companies become even better. Read some quotes from our customers.